CarFitg™ Million Color Remote Control RF Daytime Running Lights 1 Pair

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  • High quality and stylish: Semi-rigid high-powered SMD strips, the LEDs in each strip are in a continuous pattern with no gaps, thus giving the appearance look like a laser-straight illumination. This uniform intensity gives any vehicle that '' high-end '' look. Each light strip has ultra-bright LEDs to be able to clearly signal your intentions and make your vehicle stand out from the rest.
  • Stylish: There are multi colors and a variety of modes, such as monochrome mode, colorful streamer mode, colorful flashing mode, monochrome gradient mode, monochrome streamer mode, etc. The lighting effect is more fashionable and cool.
  • Interface connector designed with pins: The wire ends of Daytime Running Lights are designed with pins, supplying for non-destructive installation without breaking the original power.
  • Practical: LED Strips are stylish, high-intensity, used to provide additional customized lighting to your original lights. These strips can replace amber marker lights and can also work as turn signals in conjunction with the running light.
  • Increase driving safety: During Rainy, snowy, sandstorms, smog, opening Daytime Running Lights in bad weather can reduce accidents efficiently.

  • Easy to install: 12V universal application, Strip length can be cut down to the desired size. There are 3M double-sided adhesive straps that have a strong sticker. Once attached with 3M tape, your light bar will stay where it’s installed. It is easily and conveniently.


  • RF remote control
  • Light type: LED
  • Construction: Flexible
  • Can be cut: yes
  • Strip size: 45*1.5cm / 60*1.5cm
  • LED type: SMD5050
  • Input: direct 12V wiring
  • Backing: 3M adhesive
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Light color: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white

Working mode:

  • Headlights, tail lights:
  • Single-color mode
  • Colorful streamer mode
  • Colorful flashing mode
  • Single color gradient mode
  • Single color streamer mode
  • Turn signals, marker lights: amber

Package list:

  • 2 X daytime Running LED strips
  • 1 X remote control